Friday, April 11, 2014

Wild Wolf

Wild Wolf (Shifters Unbound #6)
by Jennifer Ashley

"Twenty years ago, shape shifters of all kinds banded together and announced themselves to the world, only to be shunted to areas no human wanted ("Shiftertowns"). They are forced to wear Collars that control their hunting and fighting instincts (referred to by Shifters as "Taking the Collar")."

Graham is an alpha wolf shifter and Misty is a human florist. Much like the rest of this series there is a strong sexual element to this book, and that part of their relationship is quite compatible. The rest of their relationship didn't quite work as well for me until the very end, but it wasn't bad.

This series has some pretty nice world building and it is completely in keeping with the human race that if people came out as so wildly different, governments would set up concentration camps for them. Up until this point however, the books have mostly been character and relationship driven. This appears to be the point where the story is becoming more story arc and world event driven. It wasn't badly done, and this seems to be a common theme in longer running series, but that isn't always my favorite part of the story.

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