Monday, April 6, 2015

Why husband and wife writing team Ilona Andrews is so fabulous.

It is no secret that I adore Ilona Andrews, the husband and wife team who write paranormal/urban fantasy/romance/what the hell is this? I don't know but it is really super great! books. Besides the fact that I adore their writing, their heroines, and the way they blend myth with fuition, their blog is just a hoot. They interact with the fans, they post extras. Basically, they are just really accessible to their fans, in a completely non-creepy way. Well, right now they have two books that are competing in the finals of dabwaha.

Burn for Me

Magic Breaks

So yeah, their covers aren't fantastic (it's a curse really-but now it's part of the fun), but the books are just excellent. If you haven't already read them (They are both series, but Burn for Me is the first in a series and Magic Breaks is book 7), I really can't recommend them enough.

And if you have already read them, but are on the fence about which to vote for in dabwaha, Ilona Andrews has just the thing to help make up your mind.

In short, check out the blog, follow it, and read the books, all of them. In addition to these two series they have a variety of short stories, another traditionally published series The Edge (which I really need to go back and review), and Self-pubbed serial Innkeeper Series.

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